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Samme Allen

Samme Allen

Founder, conferenceemcees.com

Samme Allen is a speaker, event designer and founder of conferenceemcees.com, the first of its kind, global network of professional conference emcees, moderators and facilitators.

Built on the pillars of sustainability, diversity and experience, conferenceemcees.com aims to source virtual, hybrid or in person professional hosts wherever in the world you might need them.

Samme and the team provide their clients with high energy moderation and facilitation, engaging agenda mapping and a good understanding of the technology that can facilitate those wow experiences that all attendees expect, whether that be in person, virtually or a hybrid event.

With experience in multi-hub, hybrid as well as in-person event design and having studied for a certificate in online meeting design as well as the Certified Event Design (CED) Level 3, Samme supports clients with innovative meeting designs that will support any event objectives. Samme has been working with global audiences for years, as well as designing meetings and coaching speakers and moderators to facilitate greater engagement. A self-confessed design experience nerd, Samme is passionate about sustainability in event design, participation and engagement and would love to see a world where boring meetings are the only things that become extinct.


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